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Back Stretches: Alleviate Your Lower Back Pain Today

If you get into the habit of doing a couple lower back stretches regularly at home, your lower back pain may become a thing of the past. In this video, we talk you through a few stretches that can help turn the tide on your lower back pain.

First up, we explain the lying twist. The lying twist is one of the most simple – yet effective – lower back stretches you can do.

The next set of lower back stretches can be performed in one of two ways. We call it the knee to chest. As you start to feel more open after doing twists, this exercise will also become easier.

Finally, yoga is like a miracle drug for people experiencing lower back pain. You might want to consider a resting position called child’s pose. It’s commonly used in yoga sequences.

Another helpful yoga pose is the cat-cow. This pose is given its name because of the way you move your back to look like an excited cat or a stretching cow.

Lower back pain can creep into your life as a result of many things. No matter the reason for your back pain, these stretches will help you take control of how you feel.

For even more comfort, consider the support of a back brace. When worn throughout the day, it can keep your spine in proper alignment and improve your posture.

Come on over and visit us today at to check out our back brace options. Together, we can make your back pain a thing of the past.

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