Yoga For Beginners

Day 16 Vinyasa Flow & Backbend Class | Yoga with Tim

Get a great total body workout & learn the foundations for backbends in your yoga practice.
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  1. Tim – day 16 completed and am engrossed throughout. Re my neck – when in corpse post how should my neck be more comfy?
    I know it's too late to put in this course but I'm always having to interrupt to retrieve implements, the only item I have with me is mat and belt. Could you mention these before we start please 😘 Namaste Lizi x

  2. I started the challenge a little late but, as the challenge officially comes to an end, I just wanted to say thank you for this great programme. Your clear and friendly teaching style is obviously backed up by excellent knowledge and understanding. This is the best yoga experience I've had; I'm hugely enjoying daily practice. I can already feel my strength and openness increasing and am looking forward to completing the challenge and seeing what further progress I'll make by working through it a second time. Thanks once again from the UK.

  3. I was almost caught up with your lessons and then the flu hit. I missed 5 days 🙁
    Not better yet, but at least I can do one lesson today. Thanks for the help with the chadarunga/upward dog transition.

  4. Wow, I am still doing the challenge!. And it is absolutely because of your great teachings. Your teachings are very educational, sensible and understandable. One thing I have noticed; I feel stronger in my shoulders -Thats very good for me because I often have shoulder pain and it is probably because they are weak, . Love from Sweden (sorry for my English.)

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