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GROWTH IS EVERYTHING – Tampa Bound w/ the Team 2018 – VLOG | Ep.4

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Join us for a ride around Tampa, Fl where we explore a natural park, have some fun at a Fit-expo and get some training at the gym from Elliot Hulse (Strength Camp). Stay tuned for next week interview’s with Elliott Hulse where we dive deep into some very interesting topics from training, breathing, yoga, relationships, meditation and some other profound and exiting topics 🙂 I hope you enjoy this video and get some value out of it! And I’ll see you all at the webinar (Friday Sep 28th) where I’ll be talking about structuring mobility, skill, strength and hypertrophy training! Till next week my friends.

With all love and gratitude,


(Release date is JULY 1st)

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  1. hey gabo, i have a question, of course I'm a bit too late for the Q&A but I'll ask it anyway haha
    I am also not sure, if it is too personal or not, but I'm really interested, but of course you don't have to answer
    but how do you actually earn money?
    do you have enough time being personal trainer? because with youtube it can't be enough because I think for that you unfortunately don't have enough views
    or do you just "have" enough money haha
    thanks anyway, I really love your work and appreciate everything you are giving us, that's a lot!
    big love from austria!

  2. I don’t know whats happening but once again I didnt get the notification! 😩 so im late again sorry Gabo. But I wanted to say that I love that you are sharing your creativity with us! That was a great vlog, I really LOVED the music! And i hope you will vlog more Gabo 😍💙 and thank you that you are patient with us when everyone asks about thenx. Also thank you for answering so many questions, next time I will make sure to ask you something! Sorry for not always commenting but life was overwhelming lately. As always lots of love from Poland!

  3. The biggest point that I have learned from you, unlike other athletes, is that the practitioner should be mindful. Once that happens, progress skyrockets! Thank you for your brilliant channel Gabo.

  4. I don't believe you when you say there wasn't a big reason for why you "left" Thenx, you say that out of professional courtesy and because you focus on positivity and not negativity. Although I am extremely curious to know what the real reason is I respect your decision not to make it public and I wish you the best of luck! Although you will not really need luck, you made 65k on youtube extremely fast mainly because your content is golden and not because you already had some fame from Chris. They lost their best athlete with the best form and mindset, thats for sure…

  5. Thank you for this awesome video as always! Keep producing quality videos and teaching us to be better version of ourselves 🙂 Also, consider creating a mobile application (android & iOS) paid or free with your tutorials. I bet it would rock! Greetings from Greece and you have plenty here following you 😉

  6. Gabo i would love to ask you about your shoulder injury. Well i did on instagram! Please check the message.

    It looks like i am going into a supraspinatus surgery, i am seriusly depressed.

  7. Not sure if I ever said this but I do think you are better doing your own thing vs. being overshadowed by thenx.  You have more to offer then they could give you and your personality and content is such that you should be the star of your own thing.  Keep it up.

  8. Please do upload video like this if you've got the chance to make them: they're so fitted, natural, and particolar motivated to me.
    Love the style, the Yoga poses and, of course the enviroment.

    waiting for the next week appointment, i am the one who would like to thank you.
    with joy, force and discipline

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