Lenovo Yoga Book: Better than Surface Go?


In my continued search for a small Windows machine, I discovered the two-year-old Lenovo Yoga Book. It’s an even bigger compromise than the Microsoft Surface Go, but…I love things that fit niches. And the Yoga Book certainly fits a niche. What do you think, is the Yoga Book something you’d use?

See the Yoga Book on Amazon: https://amzn.to/2L7ewBz
There’s also an Android version: https://amzn.to/2MWrrIi

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  1. While I wouldn't get the Windows version of the Yogabook because the specs just aren't there. The Android version is a solid Android tablet at a pretty good price for the features.

    Surface fanboys are going to hate anytime a Surface product isn't praised. Surface products have a superb build quality and nice look. They are and have always been a poor value. The price: performance ratio of the Surface product is terrible. The form factor is it's selling point.

    Anyways, I liked the review. If I'm even considering purchasing tech, I know the specs inside and out, I don't watch reviews for the numbers, just to get an idea of the feel and use case for a product that I can't get from specs alone. Nice video man, ignore the haters.

  2. OML. The reason why it’s so small the surface go I mean, is because people asked if they could make the micro surface laptops smaller to go and to go and take it somewhere easier, so they did and it came out as Microsoft Surface go if you seen the documents and the reviews before this came out then you’ll understand 🤦🏽‍♀️

  3. Ok…

    1. The Surface type covers all turn off when you fold it around to the back.. and you can remove them entirely when you want to go full tablet.
    2. The Surface screen is the digitiser. It's also touch sensitive. So you can just draw a keyboard on the screen… or attach the keyboard.
    3. Clue: you can put a sheet of paper on the Surface screen and trace or draw on it just like the Yoga.

  4. I like this review, because I've been interested in both devices. I'm a developer so I need something small and light while on the move. I don't think YB is good enough for my needs but the YB2 might be. It will most likely be shown at IFA end of this month. While performance on YB1 is not good enough your other points are effective, since YB2 will be similar.

  5. So when you're not using the "keyboard", it just sits there like a blank screen doing nothing? Why not just get one of the many 2-in-1 convertibles out there then? Also saying that a 2 year old device is cheaper than a new device is just downright low (it's probably also cheaper because nobody wants to get one).

    So to recap… not really gonna use the keyboard, not really gonna use the pen… why you EVER get a Surface device? It seems like the problem isn't the Surface Go (which does have many problems) but simply that you don't really have any idea what computing devices are out there and how to pick one. Freaking amateurs pretending to be "reviewers".

  6. I just sold my windows yoga book and ordered a surface go. Yoga is fine, but really too slow, and that is really a nuisance for updates. Keyboard is also very tough to get used with. In the long run, I'm pretty sure the GO will serve me much better (I never used the note taking features, which explains my decision, sort of). As a travelling photograph (not pro), I need 10 inch format for mobility, good keyboard and screen, quick file transfers (SD cards downloading…). I use today a surface pro 4 m3 for this kind of use : it is quite fine but too big. For this type of use, yoga book was totally unfit. But I can understand some of your arguments.

  7. So the processor, ram, keyboard, trackpad, and screen, and speakers are all worse on the Lenovo. But it’s better? What baffles me most is how you say the Lenovo is a better media consumption device, despite all these flaws (especially the screen and speakers! Like what?!)

    I think you just have some sort of personal vendetta against the Surface Go. Nevertheless, I really appreciated your first review of the Go was great because it pointed out some flaws in your experience.

    But to say that this piece of shit Lenovo is better is plainly insulting to the Surface as a machine. And no disrespect, Lenovo makes some great products. This just ain’t one of em.

    Also, you can get a Surface Go 64/4gb for $399, and $100 more if you get the basic, non-Alcantara type cover. That’s a $500 device, not a $700 one. And frankly it’s worth it. Check out the windows central video on the $399 config to see how well it performs for casual use and media consumption.

  8. What a great video sir! I really like how you balance the background music with your videos, your editing is smooth and witty but not jarring. Question, looking for a good productivity laptop with a great keyboard and track pad. I'm not sure how much gaming I'll end up doing but I'd like to pubg… I'd like to spend less than 1500. US…..ideas? Looking at an xps 15?


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