Yoga For Beginners

Music for pilates workout – Power pilates – Yoga pilates – Barre fusion

Chill out and lounge music, for pilates workout, power pilates, power yoga, cooldown. fitness music
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Chill out et lounge musique pour la pratique du pilates, du power pilates.
Lounge y chill out música para curso de pilates y power pilates

Music : excerpts from the albums : Back to Bali, China today, Relaxing mood : Wira Surya, Shan Di, Tasei Iwasaki – Origins Music

00:00 “Never forget”
04:04 “Shangaï diva”
07:44 “Ever the same”
11:33 “Melody of hope”
16:21 “First class”
20:10 “Wake up call”
24:06 “New way”
27:05 “Soft feeling”
31:29 “Moon rays”
36:17 “Zen it”
40:11 “The second day”
45:59 “Golden gate bridge”
50:46 “Carmel highlands”
54:37 “Ocean side”

The 8 basic principles of pilates
concentration :
At the time of exercise, your muscles will react better if your mind is focused on stress, then forget about the outside environment and channeled you on the move.
Breathing is essential in the pilates method. It is called thoracic lateral breathing, it is to breathe by the ribs while keeping the transverse engaged. The odds widen at the inspiration as an accordion. Besides performing the exercises better, mastering breathing in pilates will allow you to bring body and mind together in the work
The centering:
In the pilates method the center of the body has a fundamental importance the golden rule, stick the navel to the spine. This is how one activates its deep abdominals allowing to work safely and to develop abdominal power
Control :
All movements must be carried out slowly with absolute mastery, pilates always implies the notion of movement, it must be continuous but at the same time controlled and precise
the fluidity :
In the Pilates method you must move with no regularity, the movement must be continuous. Move with precision while giving the feeling of a lightness, even of ease
the precision :
In the pilates the smallest details are important. Know the start and end position of a movement. While accurately mastering its execution is one of the most important points of this method
The amplitude:
The pilates exercises require the different parts of the body to lengthen, this results in an increase in the amplitude of the movements, the flexibility and the flexibility of the body
frequency :
No exercise program will work if you do it on a regular basis
Integrate this program into your life and make a milestone among your daily activities,
The frequency and the regularity of your training will be the essential keys of an effective progression



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