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Things no one talks about with Pregnancy

Small update and I talk about some sides of the harder sides of pregnancy that I have personally experienced that many people don’t mention as often as the fun sides of this experience.
****(Remember this is just my experience and I am in no way talking negatively about being pregnant)***

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  1. I think it's important as women to talk openly about everything we go through during pregnancy because EVERY single pregnancy is different from the next. I've had two kids and both pregnancies were different. My first was a breeze besides trapped gas, heart burn and poor sleeping at the end (plus he was two weeks late and I was like GET OUT! LOL) and my second I had the weirdest craving EVER… paper. Yup. To chew on paper like gum. So weird and I swear as soon as my daughter was born the craving was gone. Oh and during that pregnancy I actually detested pizza, and I love pizza normally. It was crazy.

  2. I’m 9 weeks pregnant today! I think the hardest part, so far, is how TIRED I feel ALL the time. No matter how much sleep I get I feel exhausted to the point where I want to curl up and cry 😅 Luckily my morning sickness hasn’t been too bad though. And yes, I get it. I’m “plus size” so it’s hard to see how I can’t really fit into my regular pants even though I haven’t gained any weight yet. I feel sad seeing other pregnant ladies showing a bump where as you can’t really tell I’m pregnant

  3. I didn't know I was pregnant my first trimester. First month of knowing I was pregnant my belly grew to the size your belly is now, maybe a tad bigger, few days after finding out started my all day morning sickness that lasted for most of my pregnancy. Dx

  4. not to be a deby downer but pleas do resurch on post postpartum depredation, i just lost my cuzen do to it. theer is not enuf awaness and not enuff quetions asked at drs face to face, suicide accounted for 5.3% (51 of 966) of perinatal deaths, or approximately 1 out of every 19 deaths in pregnant or postpartum women, and thats to menny for me.

  5. I’m pregnant with my second and very lucky to have had easy pregnancies! No sickness, no aches/pains, minor bloating only at the very end. My heart goes out to the women who struggle! Carrying another life is no joke!

  6. I’m desperate to have baby no 2, but my first pregnancy although amazing and beautiful did some horrible things to me haha. I’m usually a very happy laid back person but pregnancy turned me into a horrible demon lady, and the last few months I suffered with severe lighting crotch 😭
    If you haven’t already check out the YouTube channel does this baby make me looks fat 🤣

  7. I'm so happy for you and Charles. When you were talking about your thin frame; The first thought I had was, When your fixen to deliver, you'll look like a pencil with half a grape glued to it. My sister was tiny during her first pregnancy. 3 kids now, she is as beautiful as ever.

  8. I've heard my sister's side of being pregnant and last year a coworkers side. From what I remember it was about the same for them. I just turned 34, so I'll most likely never have kid(s) but I do enjoy hearing about the different experiences one has

  9. Your belly is adorable!!! I highly suggest looking up pregnancy vlogs for the week you are or even upcoming weeks. A TON of moms share the raw and real parts of pregnancy. With my past two seeing what others have been through have helped ease my nerves about it.

  10. I love this informative video! My husband and I got married in 2018 and we are still pretty young (24 and 25) so we have a few years before we think about babies but it’s so nice and refreshing to hear someone talk so openly about their pregnancy. If we decide to have babies then I will for sure remember these things you mentioned ❤️

  11. I loved being pregnant but my little body can’t handle it. With my first pregnancy i noticed my heart rate would always be crazy and couldn’t sleep ( thought this was normal with pregnancy) I really didn’t sleep for 2 weeks. I ended up going into cardiac arrest heart rate was at 260. Second pregnancy was on heart meds that made me sleep all the time.!!!
    I love seeing your little belly grow!! Check thrift stores for maternity clothes! So you won’t spend so much on clothes you won’t fit for a long time!!!

  12. Pregnancy is crazy. The amount of things that it impacts in our whole body is amazing in a good and bad way haha. You look awesome, Allie, I love seeing you with that growing baby bump.

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