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Yoga Retreats at Yoga with Amit – Next on 10th September 2018 Vietnam

Yoga Retreats at Yoga with Amit

Do you want to clear your mind and give a Re – Treat?

Do you want to learn the authentic techniques of Yoga and practice them, as well as take them with you to practice in daily life for just 20 min and keep your life healthy and stress free?

If your Answer is YES!

Then join this 5 days holistic Yoga Retreat.

The retreat has 4 elements combined and experienced:

*Yoga*: Learn and practice the art of Yoga in correct way in your own body according to your bone structure. Now a days we practice yoga sake of practice and therefore we forget the correct way of practising it. Yoga is when SthiramSukhamAsanam = Stable, comfortable is an Asana or pose to Combine the Mind and Body.
We don’t have to be flexible to practice yoga, we become flexible as we start and continue with yoga.

*Pranamaya*: Pranayamas are breathing exercises developed and brought out by the ancient yogis. They are used in purifying the nadis, the energy channels, in the Pranamaya we exercise to regulate, channelize the Prana in the body. Prana is taken in through the air we breathe, and since these breathing exercises increase the amount of air we take in, they also increase our intake of Prana.
The breathing techniques, we have forgotten to breathe correctly therefore in this 5 days yoga retreat we learn from very beginning towards progressive breathing.

*Meditation*: Learn the science of mental control (better understanding), peace and health as well as to heal your mind, body and soul. To get rid of suffering. To meditate while your walking, talking, eating, working and so on.

*Relaxation*: Now a days we have completely forgotten to relax our mind and therefore the body and the yoga retreat in Ninh Binh will help you relax more deeply and progressively. Which you can keep using in your daily life and stay relaxed.

Who is your Teacher?

*Amit Namdev* an traditional yoga teacher, teaching for 13 years in 7 countries.
Using both Traditional and Western approach to serve to the individual in their own need.
Amit has been a holistic teacher and been very interested in Psychology which has helped and improved his teaching skills Successively.

Where is the Yoga Retreat?

In Beautiful Ninh Binh 1 h 37 min (94.2 km) from Hanoi, Vietnam

When is the Yoga Retreat?

Dates: 10th to 14th June 2017,

10th to 14th July 2017,

10th to 14th August 2017,

10th to 14th September 2017,

10th to 14th October 2017,

10th to 14th November 2017,

Daily Basic Schedule:
7.00 am Meditation
7.30 am Tea / Coffee
8.00 am Yoga Asana Practice
9.00 am Breakfast
10.00 am Breathing Exercise
10.30 am Relaxation
11.00 am Free Time
11.30 am Lunch
3.00 pm Breathing / Pranayama exercise
3.30 pm stretching
4.00 pm yoga Asana Practice
5.00 pm Meditation
5.30 pm Talk / question Answers
6.00 pm Dinner / rest and silence time

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There are 2 form of Payment;
1. Homestay Accommodation – pay directly to Homestay on your choice of Accommodation.

2. Instruction fee 350 USD – pay direct to Ashta Yoga Valley

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